Shatterglass was formed in early February 2011, when the guys got together after being in different popular South Florida bands and friends for years. They just wanted to see what kind of music they could create when they combined their talents, little did they know how fast their plans would change! After locking themselves in the recording studio for 3 months with legendary South Florida engineer/producer and friend Paul Trust (Endo, Atom Smash, AL's Not Well, Crease, The Chaos Agent, Enstride, Day Minus 7, Faces of March, Echovalve), the result is a three song EP simply titled "Shatterglass". All three tracks, layered with catchy hooks and awesome harmonies, are sure to re-invent the "sing-a-long" song for a new generation. The band is currently preparing for first ever live shows, as well as getting ready to go back into the studio. With the overwhelming positive response to the EP and the buzz surrounding their first single, "Psycho Girlfriend", Shatterglass will once again team with Mr. Trust to record more songs towards their first full length release.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

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  1. I heard their music and i was very impressed !!!!!! It made me feel young again and want to get up and dance. Its been a long time sense i have heard a band like them. I dont make comments on anything but i had to put this out so people would listen to this band. I have a feeling Shatterglass will soon be in the top ten!!!! Lorie